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lattes in a light version. texas toast with the 154% of the sodium equivalent of 11 large orders of mcdonald's french fries. instead, tray a grilled chicken sandwich. hold the mayo with only about one-fth of the soum w brings us back to where we started. the burrito we arded at the beginning the story weighs in at 955 calories. that is the equivalent of eating 37 hershey's kisses. as our chef and chipotle point out, you don't have to order the burrito tt way. the statement says "because our customers decide what goes into the individual order, we can meet any set of diet terry preferences or resictions. so if you have to have beef, you can order three hard tacos with steak, pinto beans, sour cream and lettuce for a moderate total of 610 calories.
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even those who know what to order have a tough time resisting temptation. >> i love chocolate. depends on the day. >> representatives for dairy queen and chipotle point out they have a variety of menu options. the news is far from over. the new as 11:00 starts right now. captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail: rate off the top, the hudson river, the scene of another terrifying accident. this time, no miracle. the photo showing a small plane and helicopter colliding. nine people are feared dead. tonight, investigators confirmed three of the bodies have been recovered. thankfor staying with us. >> the two aircraft crashing in mid-air around noon today. thousands watching in disbelief. tonight we hear from knows who saw it all hapn haand learning more about the victim. fox's laura ingle is following the tragedy on the hudson.
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. >> reporter: on a sunny saturday afternoon on the west side of manhattan, horror. r d-aiico sillvontal mid-air co the hudson river. an eyewitness capturing these exclusive photos seconds before a small plane and tourist helicopter crashed. >> in one of the later pictures, a propeller is coming apart on the helicopter. >> reporter: the chopper was carrying five italian tourists and a pilot. another three people on board the small piper aircraft including a child. officials do not believe any of the nine survived the crash. >> this has changed from a rescue to recovery mission. that probably was what we could have started out with, the instant it happened. >> reporter: the crash scattering debris over the hudson. some describe the collision as sounding like a quick roll of thunder followed by an eerie silence. >> we saw the plane hit the tail of the helicopter.
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the copter started spiraling and went straight down. >> a massive rescue search following the collision. it continues as divers hope to recover the wreckage. federal investigators are looking into the cause of the crash. >> we are going to be continuing our investigative work, interviewing witnesses, gathering records, looking at maintenance and other information. >> ailot on the ground with liberty tours reportedly tried to contact the helicopter pilot in the air, but the warning either was unheard or came too late. in new jersey, laura ingle, fox news. >> the collision is putting renewed attention on for-hire flights. the crash comes less than a month after a warning about safety oversite of sight-seeing and for-hire flights was too lax. a group of students back on u.s. soil after a crazy trip to china. they heft july 13th to learn
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the chinese culture and language. they were quash teed after some tested positive for swine flu. the students say the experience was harder on their parents back in the u.s. >> it was way harder for them. for me it was like, okay, i'll get through this. i won't like it but i'll get through it. so we had no contact. >> some of the students stayed an extra week in china to make up for the time they were quarantined. the rest came back a little more than a week ago. history on the u.s. supreme court. the nation's first hispanic justice has been sworn in. sonia sotomayor took the oath of office in two ceremonies today. one private, the other in front of a television audience. sotomayor pledged to uphold the constitution and administer impartial justice. she will officially begin on a campaign finance case. yoonis kennedy shriver remains hospitalized in a massachusetts hospital. she suffered a series of
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strokes. her family and children have been by hr se. she is the sister of john f kennedy and noted for her work to establish the special olympics. no criminal charges will be filed against the husband of the woman who drove the wrong way on the highway. investigators would have to prove he knew she was intoxicated and failed to stop her as she took a ride home from a campground. bodily injury a witness and state police who saw herbefore the crash say she was not impaired. fill her up. washington tops off the tank on the widely popular cash for clunkers prime minister after congress gave a $2 -- clunkers program ter congress gave it a $2 refill. folks are out buying new cars and dealers are trying to keep up. while they say the program is helping boost the economy, it's not the only good thing.
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>> perhaps there's some better way to use the 750,000 clunkers but threality is, and i think the obama administration is right o is the emphasis on the environment. >> but it turns out the cash for clunker program may have unexpected consequences. many comartties say vehicle donations are down. adam housely has this one. >> it's bleak. >> reporter: light way services turns thousands of donated cars into money for local food banks, homeless shelters and boys and girls clubs. they say the recession put a dent in donations. they are down 30% from last year. >> people are holding on to what they have and fiching the cars that they have. >> reporter: now cash for clunkers has put the brakes on, putting charities third in line. charities can offer as little
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as $500 next spring. that can't compete with cash for clunkers handing out up to $4500 for a new car now. >> in the tight economic times, i thought i might as well get as much help as i can, so yes, i thought about donating, but unfortunately, i need a vehicle for myself. >> reporter: repair shops and parts stores are also hurting as some customers trade in clunkers instead of fixing them. some economists worry this may be a drop in the bucket. >> what happens when the program expires. will sales go back down? they could. this is an artificial stimulus. >> reporter: 300,000 cars like these were donated to charities in 2005. charities that rely on the cars say uncle sam has put them on life support. in sun valley, california, adam house i had, fox -- housely,
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fox news. it's about to get hot. >> let's hope this one is a quick one that gets in and gets out. how hot will it be? we'll talk about it coming up in the full forecast. stay with us. 
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weather-wise, today's not too bad, right?
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we had a mixture of clouds and sun. this evening, we had one or two sprinkles move through. some of that is still well to the south of us. tuonnarealti national today 87, dulles 86. temperatures this evening still holding up in the upper 70s with the clouds on top of us. clouds lingering overnight tonight. these numbers won't fall off too much more. we're talking hoer 70s here in the city and some upper 60s or so out in the suburbs. high pressure is building in. as this happens, th heat and humidity comes in with us. again, not so much today, but for tomorrow temperatures are really going to spike at about 10 do agrees to the numbers we saw today and a little bit of humidity, too. it will feel tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening much more like it's approaching 100 degrees. that's with the heat index. overnight tonight, notice some of t clouds here scooting across. they will be with us most of the night. i think we even wake up
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tomorrow morning with a little t of cloud cover. especially if you are north and east of the city. otherwise, tonight is mild with temperatures getting into the lower 70s. frederick 71, front royal 65. outside the beltway, generally speaking, overnight numbers will be right around 70 degrees, give it a degree or two. 78, though, by 8:00 so we warm up in a hurry. 91 by noon the heat is on. high temperatures tomorrow, mid to upper 90s. the feels-like temperature will be approaching 100 degrees. this mini heat wave sticks with us, too. by monday, heat index will be right at if not a little above 100 deees. that should be the hottest day. tuesday a little bit of activity late in the day but still up into the mid-90s again. then we cool off hopefully by wednesday into thursday. again, once we get into those days, we'll have a good chance
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each day for a thunderstorm. that's the forecast. stay cool the best you can. matt, maureen? >> thank you. a luxury hotel, 19 bucks a night. when's the catch some. >> you know there's got to be a catch. rancho bernardo inn is offering the sweet rates as part of its survival package. once you read the fine print, it may not be so sweet. $19 a night doesn't even get you a bed these days. en stead, you will be sleeping in a tent. all amenities are removed, also. er with talking the toilet paper, too. the special runs through august, and at last check, the mace, believe it or not, is still taking reservations. can you imagine? >> can you imagine getting there? >> and your tent will be out in the back. by the way, stop at the wal- mart for toilet paper. on that note that does it for us. you want news and information 24/7, fox 5 news, we're r of . on hook for u air,nnl r,nlooane or
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look or us on your phone. geico sports extra is two minutes away. >> have a great night. 
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get on 95 south to miami, going straight to the super bowl. so let's rock. ♪ [music] ♪ [music]
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♪ kibbing things off on the tenth day of training camp. the redskins finally allowed to hit. fan appreciation day itself was a hit. the nationals spring together enough hits to extend the streak. andy roddick sent acers streaking on his way to a berth in the legg mason final. all of that is ahead for the geico sports extra. we begin with the redskins holding the first scrimmage of the summer just five days before the presea an opener in baltimore. clinton porter, santana moss, malcolm kelly, just some of those who did noparticipate. jason campbell was under center, and he completed seven of his first eight passes on the opening drive, which led to a field goal. campbell finished 8 of 12 with a red zone touchdown pass and interception. chase daniels scored the only
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actual scrimmage touchdown as the defense once again had the upper hand overall. fortunately, this are no major injuries to report, but there were plenty of smiles just for the chance to crack somebody. >> i think the guys love it. i really do. i think our guys love to run and know that you could get tackled. there's a different spark. there's a different speed. >> good to hear the players talking. that's the best thing about going live. it's good. i'm ready to get at somebody else right now. >> once again. i thought it was a productive day. everybody looked good. we got some things we've got to correct with football. >> i think defense will always be ahead of offense. that's on most teams. defense, one person can make a may. offense, off track can blow the whole thing. i think offense is we have a lt
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to do. we have to get healthy. wear anrack. >> more on the fan frees appreciation. fans appreciatg the way the nationals are playing. a victory tonight would make jim wriggleman the first gnats to sit two games above 500 since 1904. they hope for the diamondbacks and the rays' pitcher. josh willingham's not impressed. bottom four, he gets just enough for an eight-game homer. jared finished seven on the night. top eight, ryan zimmerman makes ooh the great play with a glove. 5-2, the gnats win the seventh in a row. for the first one, you pay the price with a cream pie in the mug. the skipper with the improved play in the defense on this winning streak. >> we had a couple of bad ball games after the break.
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for the most part, i think we've played about as good a defense as most teams, you know when you match up our defense on another on that particular night, i think we're right there with everybody. >> orioles mayed a matinee with the jays and toronto. this one went to extra. adam lynn, a runner on second. l tils the ball game. still to come, andy roddick found himself in the rare position of watching the legg mason final a year ago when he catapulted himself back in th year. and the fan appreciation is pretty much a hit at redskins park. we'll explain that and have much more reaction when we return. 
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we've all heard about the trouble in the housing industry. the fact is, with all the talk of a national real estate market, your town, your neighborhood, your home, or the home you'd like to buy, are each unique. the national conversation may not apply at all. if you've been worrying about what your property may be worth, or wondering if your dream home may finally be affordable, ask a re/max agent or go to nobody sells more real estate than re/max. . the training camp days in
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carlisle pennsylvania are long gone. and the chance for those in the area to stay home have a chance to go for the team. 28,000 a new record. today you exceeded that a new mark of 29,000 plus entered the gates of redskins park. the day started with music from the redskins marching band, the lovely cheerleaders then chimed in. the redskins in the nfc east and goal to go to the super bowl. certainly surprised so many fans made it out. >> i was very surprised. you know, usually in college, a scrimmage it's just us. now you got the whole city out here. that's when's up, though, showing a lot of love. >> these are loyal fans. they always support us and give all they can. you know, we can't do nothing but be appreciative of it. >> we appreciate it. they watch us on tv but the opportunity to see us in person means a lot. >> does it surprise you every year it seems hike the crowd just swells and swells?
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>> it shows you how many fans we've got. hopefully we can bring something home for them to be proud of of. last year at this time it was a burgundy and gold affair in canton, ohio. this time around it's buffalo's turn as bruce smith joined 90- year-old ralph wilson as two of the six pro football hall of fame inductees. the hall of fame classic '09 earns our geico 15 minutes of fame. and the first set goes to a phi breaker. nice shot right here. indeed. roddick would rally. match point now serving. rips up the line. 6-7, 6-2, 7-5. onto akron, ohio now, the
11:24 pm
bridgestone invitational firestone country club. rain didn't bother one tiger woods. check out his approach on 13. yo-yos at sucker back towards the hole. eldrick a 5 under 65. he's in second place at seven under. third consecutive round under par, 67. he leads by three heading into the final round. dave versus dave. the way things are going for the redskins, one of the two might have to suit up soon. fter thexain after this. saviny car insurance for over 70 years. and who doesn't want value for their dollar been true since the day i made my first dollar. where is thadollar? i got it out to show you... uhh... was it rather old and wrinkly? yeah, you saw it? umm fancy a crisp? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifen percent or more on car insurance.
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mike williams williams is battling a groin problem and the right tackle is becoming an a position of intrigue. if you look cle enough at the next segment, the coach may find a worthy fill-in. >> our first dave versus dave feldman, ross and six-time pro bowler chris samuels to demonstrate the art.
11:28 pm
looking at us, you have to say who's the better pass blocker. >> the most important thing is what you have in here. >> the heart, the ticker. >> reporter: show us the proper technique if you would. >> you are the coach. >> don't hurt yourself. i don't want coach mad at us. >> i will simulate the pass tackle. hit the bag shuffle the feet, hit the bag, shuffle your feet. >> reporter: right leg forward, left hand down? >> make sure you bend your knees, hit the bag. >> reporter: i want to see some shuffling, chris. >> you have to shuffle a little bit better. >> shuffle. >> that's music, there. just one more time. >> shuffle, shuffle. back off, let me show you how it's done. >> uh-oh. uh-oh. >> i'm hitting it, baby.
11:29 pm
that was a tough one there. >> that's the rm-up. >> i was shuffling the feet. >> was kissing btheag. >> right foot first? >> right foot. >> reporter: i think i got a chance. that sucker moved. >> you will give up tackle spot. >> reporter: all right, i'm going left tackle? >> in my opinion, you are the winner. thank you. >> reporter: i tried. >> thank you for doing our first -- >> you're welcome. >> you think i can play? >> i think you can. we'll sign you up with the water jug. one other note, the washington freedom defeated sky blue. tomorrow, d.c. united at fedex field. have a good night, everybody. thanks for watching. this has been geico's sports extra.

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